Bosch China Charity Center (established in April,2011)

BCCC Slogan

  • Charity for a better life

BCCC Vision

  • Provide better study environments for poor students to help them command survival skills
  • Create better living conditions for poor people to help them alleriate poverty & accumulate wealth


  • Principle of legal compliance
  • Reporting a compliance case
  • Compliance FAQ

2015-2016 BCCC Standard Presentation

BCCC Mission

  • Contribute to the Education Development & Poverty-Relief in China
  • Carry out and bundle the charitable activities of Bosch entities in China

BCCC Project Selection Principles

  • Focus on Education Development & Poverty-Relief in China
  • Conform to the government guidelines of Poverty-Relief & Charity Development
  • Establish visible substances for the long-term & sustainable development
  • Be beneficial to corporate image improvement and volunteer activities development

BCCC Celebrating 5th Anniversary

  • BCCC 5th Anniversary Brochure (2011-2016)